If you wish to know, in all the splendor, the territory of Taormina you should take part in a boat excursion, to the discovery of Blue Grotto, Baia delle Sirene, Cave of lovers and much more.

We show you what these wonders are.

Below Taormina, we find Isola Bella, a small island full of naturalistic surprises and it can be discovered just with a boat excursion.

The tour starts from the bay of Mazzarò (in Taormina-mare), which is located on the north side of Isola Bella.

The beach of Mazzarò is pretty small, but definitely it is one of the most charming places in all Sicily. Beach consists of coarse sand and small and medium sized pebbles, both on the beach and in the water.

The bay of Mazzarò is easily accessible in a few minutes from Taormina by the cable car. In the area of Mazzarò, another place that deserves to be visited is the bay, known as “Baia delle Sirene”.

During the boat excursion it is possible to stop in the warm waters of Natural Reserve of Isola Bella, where you can snorkel or simply relax and enjoy the summer heat.

What is so fascinating about the coast?

Blue Grotto is heavenly with its beautiful light reflections and wide diversity of marine species. The bright reflections of light in the blue water make the Grotto very enlightened and fascinating.

Even the Cave of lovers is worth visiting.

In the cave, you enter by swimming and little by little the water gets shallower and you find yourself on the sand, but still maintaining the same height from sea level. In this cave also flows a freshwater source that makes the visit exciting and adventurous.

Escursioni Taormina will organize an unforgettable day for you!


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