Taormina is famous for shopping, the Greek Theatre and the atmosphere of Dolce Vita that you can breathe. However, today we would like to tell you about The Beaches of Taormina.

Which are the Beacher of Taormina ?

Let’s start with the most famous: Isola Bella.

For visitors, it is possible to reach the natural reserve of Isola Bella in two ways: from via Pirandello, just nearby from Porta Messina, following a footpath that starts from Isola Bella viewpoint and arrives at the entrance to the Reserve; or using the cable car until the beach of Mazzarò and then continuing for 200 meters on the main road.

Considering that we have mentioned it, let’s talk about Mazzarò. This small beach is situated in the bay north of Isola Bella and it is one of the most appreciated beaches in the area. The coast is characterised by pebbles and there are both stretches of free beach and beaches resorts. The beach of Mazzarò can be reached by taking the stunning cable car, that leaves from Taormina.

Villagonìa: Between Taormina and Giardini Naxos lies this pebble beach with a wonderful sea, loved in particular, by sailing lovers.

For many Sicilians, the vacation spot is Giardini Naxos: for those looking for fine golden sand and lush vegetation, the ideal choice is the beach of Schisò; instead, the beach of Porticciolo Saia is characterised by little bays bounded by lava rocks: it is a must-see. It is the perfect place to spend time in total relaxation.

Between The Beaches of Taormina, we cannot forget Spisone: the beach of Spisone is located in Taormina bay, it is plenty of beach resorts, but there are even some stretches of free beach. Especially picturesque are the stone islets that emerge from the waters. The beach is made up of pebbles and the sea is a bit deep.


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